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Indira is the mother of many children. The woman turned for help to R2P in 2018. Her eldest son Roman did not have a birth certificate. Indira became pregnant at a young age and gave birth to children at home. Back in 2005 when the woman gave birth to Roman, she did not know how to get a birth certificate, as well as in 2018, when she gave birth to another child.

Our lawyer made several inquiries, after which a statement was prepared to the court to establish the fact of the child’s birth. However, the court refused to open the case, believing that Indira had other ways to obtain a son’s birth certificate. The Kharkiv Court of Appeals generally recommended forcing civil registry offices to register the birth of 13-year-old Roma, ignoring the current legislation on the required list of documents.

In 2020, the Supreme Court of Ukraine, in its ruling, ordered the Ordzhonikidze District Court to open a case and consider an application to establish the fact of Roman’s birth. At the request of our lawyer, a costly genetic examination was ordered, the funds for which were allocated by the R2P. DNA testing proved the fact that Roman was Indira’s son.

Due to the high professionalism of the Kholodnohirsky District Department of State Registration of Civil Status Acts of the Eastern Interregional Department of the Ministry of Justice (Kharkiv), the birth of Roman was registered on the day of application and a certificate was then issued.

But the joy of our lawyer was suddenly overshadowed – the telephone connection with Indira was lost, none of the available telephone numbers were serviced. The lawyer only knew that Indira and her children had recently moved to Kryvyi Rih… The real search began then.

відділу соціальних гарантій та виплат УСЗН виконкому Тернівської

On the verge of despair, the lawyer turned to the contact center of the city of Kryvyi Rih – and it worked! The next day, Natalia Ryabushenko, the head of the Executive Committee of the Department of Social Guarantees and Payments (Department of Labour and Social Protection of the Ternivka District Council), called and volunteered to help.

She not only provided the information available to her but also searched through the other areas in the city and then called us back and told our lawyer the address at which Indira was registered. Later, Olena Pazenko, a monitor of the CF “Right to Protection” (R2P), joined the cause to help Roman. It was she who completed the creation of a miracle for the boy. As a result, Roman finally got the long-awaited document – legal proof of his existence.

Свідоцтво про народження для сина. Історія Індіри

Now Roman is waiting for a visit to the State Migration Service of Ukraine to obtain a passport of a citizen of Ukraine.

The only thing to add to this story is that it is very difficult to provide full legal assistance at a distance, given the vulnerability and insecurity of our beneficiaries… But the sensitivity and humanity cover miles, creating real miracles and giving faith in a better future! Many thanks to the colleagues and everyone who helped.