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Date of publication – DeadlineDate of publication – Deadline

23/6/2021 – 30/6/2021

Introduction and ContextIntroduction and Context

Right to Protection (R2P) is a Ukrainian not-for profit organization. R2P is dedicated to protecting refugees who find themselves in Ukraine due to dire circumstances. R2P ensures the protection and human rights of other vulnerable migrants – the conflict affected, the internally displaced (IDPs), the stateless, the undocumented and those at risk of statelessness. R2P’s key programmatic strengths are legal assistance, monitoring, advocacy as well as government and civil society capacity building. R2P has approximately 150 staff members working across Ukraine.

R2P takes part in a project on “Increasing resilience to disaster risk in eastern Ukraine” implemented by a Consortium led by ACTED with participation of IMPACT Initiatives and the Red Cross Movement (through the Danish Red Cross) and funded by the Government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland acting through the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (“FCDO”).

This project will seek to improve understanding, preparedness, and resilience to disaster risk in conflict-affected eastern Ukraine. While humanitarian interventions have sought to alleviate humanitarian hardship, and development programs seek to achieve structural change, the international community and authorities have not focused on the growing threat of natural and industrial hazards that are exacerbated by the ongoing conflict in Eastern Conflict Area (ECA), Ukraine. To address this gap, in 2019, with the support of EU/ECHO and USAID/BHA, ACTED established the 3P Consortium along with its partners IMPACT Initiatives, Danish and Ukrainian Red Cross Societies, and Right to Protection. In line with the Sendai framework, taking a governance approach, the Consortium seeks to reduce disaster risk and vulnerability through actions at national (coordination, policy/legislation change…), regional/district (risk assessment, preparedness and mitigation planning and investments) and local/community level (support to first responders and household level preparedness). Two years into a five year plan, the work undertaken by the 3P Consortium with international actors, national and local authorities has led to greater awareness of and improved preparedness to these hazards, however, much remains to be addressed. Under this project, the 3P Consortium proposes to implement a project that extends the geographical reach of the 3P Consortium into the Azov Sea Area (ASA) and addresses longer-term stabilization issues, in line with CSSF’s broader goals.

DRR Project Manager will be directly supervised by the DRR Project Coordinator with a close interaction with other project staff as well as local R2P teams in regions.

Key Duties & Responsibilities:Key Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Take the lead in planning and implementation of R2P’s activities focused on decarbonization and healthcare researches (both desk and field components; relevant experts will be hired) in conjunction with R2P’s staff, and consortium leadership and partners;
  • Manage the experts’ team (up to 3 people), including coordination, planning, mentoring the operations, and reporting;
  • Oversight in establishing and maintaining contacts with the relevant branches and agencies of the Ukrainian government, regional, raion and local authorities, NGOs, and other parties as may be required for increasing effectiveness of the project;
  • Preparation and coordination of various project reports, including narrative, statistical, analytical, and financial information related to the research activities;
  • Assure the timely, accurate, and full submission of reporting to the donor in coordination with Consortium leadership;
  • Participation in meetings and conferences on behalf of the Consortium, as well as R2P.

Description of researches to be coordinatedDescription of researches to be coordinated

Desk/field research on public health impact of environmental/industrial hazards in eastern Ukraine – completion date: Desk/field research on public health impact of environmental/industrial hazards in eastern Ukraine – completion date:

February 2022

R2P will produce a written report analyzing a series of regulatory documents, reports, and available statistical data on the state of the environment in project areas, taking into consideration recent available data on the health status of the population in those locations. R2P will collect data from open sources and through inquiry to relevant health departments in the field and Ministries. To support this, R2P will hire technical consultants on public health (or involve technical consultants on public health to be hired under ECHO funded part of the Project). These public health experts will be specialized in medical research with specific focus on medical ecology/medical statistics; their study will be supported by technical expertise on environmental issues to be delivered by technical consultancy on ecological aspects of decarbonization.

The results of the study will support improved understanding of the impact caused by environmental/industrial risks (including cascading risks caused/exacerbated by the conflict) on the public health in targeted areas. Based on the results of the study and in collaboration with 3P partners, R2P will develop comprehensive recommendations for further advocation at national level to mitigate the negative impact of risks on the health of the population. This study will also link content-wise with technical research on the Global Health Security Index (planned under ECHO funding of 3P programming) and technical desk research on the ecological aspects of decarbonization.

Technical/desk research the decarbonization process – completion date:Technical/desk research the decarbonization process – completion date:

February 2022

R2P will conduct a study focused on risks associated with uncontrolled flooding of mines and related environmental, social, and economic consequences. R2P will engage national technical experts with solid experience in environmental/industrial risks to conduct the research and develop efficient mechanisms for just transition and closedown of mines. Complementary to this, R2P will undertake a minimum of 5 field consultations with coal mine management, leadership of hromadas, and public authorities at the national level (e.g. Ministry of Energy, Ministry of Environment) in order to engage stakeholders in the study and results as much as possible.

R2P will compile recommendations developed as a result of the study for authorities at all levels, identifying possible solutions to minimize the negative consequences of restructuring for the public health, environment and social infrastructure in targeted communities. As part of this, special attention will be paid to the development of mechanisms for safe restructuring of coal industry facilities and opportunities for transition to alternative energy sources. These just transitions models will be elaborated for the communities extremely dependent on coal mines at risk (e.g. coal monocities and settlements). Following the study completion, R2P will present the outcomes of the study (incl. recommendations for the key Ministries) at public events engaging representatives of key stakeholders involved.

Professional qualification and requirements:Professional qualification and requirements:

  • University level of education;
  • At least 2 years of project management experience;
  • Excellent ability to communicate effectively in English, Russian, and Ukrainian, both verbally and in writing;
  • Strong analytical and interpersonal skills, ability to deal with diverse groups of people;
  • Mature judgment combined with a proactive, energetic approach to problem solving;
  • Organizational and time management skills;
  • Ability to meet deadlines;
  • Previous experience with disaster risk reduction/preparedness is an advantage, as well as with humanitarian activities.

We offerWe offer

R2P will offer the successful applicant:

  • A contract in line with Ukrainian legislation till March 31, 2022, renewable dependent on funding and performance;
  • Opportunity to work with one of the strongest Ukrainian human rights and humanitarian NGOs;
  • Mentorship;
  • Room for professional growth;
  • Fun and energetic team;
  • Respect for work/life balance.

Application processApplication process

Send a cover letter and resume to [email protected] with the title ‘Project Manager’. Responses will be sent only to those individuals who were selected for the interview. No phone calls, please.


30 June 2021. If an appropriate candidate is identified, R2P reserves the right to recruit ahead of this deadline.